My start of blogging

Dear World, The reason I am starting to blog is to share with everyone or anyone on how a guy in his 30s is trying to become rich. I am not alone, if not everyone has this on their priority list, but on mine, it’s quite on top. I will share my thoughts on my difficulties, successes, hopes and dreams.

I will also try to be detailed, so you can really see what financial moves I make, what my approach is and what made me do things the way I am. Follow me in this adventure in getting rich!

Couple of things for future reference: Right now, I am not rich at all. I am Hungarian and don’t live in the US, but spent there a year long time ago, at the age of 16. But I read, listen and watch US media and I believe that the way in getting rich is by investing and thinking like an American. I do feel partly being American, this is something personal to me.


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