Time and efficiency – I mean a different sort of efficiency than what you think


I don’t think there’s not a single soul out there who hasn’t heard of the importance, on how we should squeeze everything we can from our time. Be efficient!

Set your mouse scroll faster – it will take time for you to adjust, but will win time on the long run.
Prioritize your tasks
Learn how to typewrite
Check out recipes that only take less than 20 minutes
and the list goes on and on…
Most of us wake up in the morning, think about what we must do. It’s usually going to work. It’s the same case for me, I have a full time job and work from 8:30 AM till 5:00 PM. Then I try to make myself go jogging for an hour. I’ll get home tired. My girlfriend will arrive and we’ll chat, watch a movie, play on a game console, perhaps read a book and have dinner (of course there’s more than that).
The point I’m trying to make is that we all have a daily routine. As a matter of fact, at the age of 30, I think my daily routine hasn’t changed much since I started working, roughly 6-7 years ago.
So I want you to zoom out from thinking how to be efficient, from the mouse scroll speed level to your life level.
I asked myself, am I efficient with my life?
I know how this question could fill books with content and I don’t want to discuss family, children and things like that. My blogging aims on personal finance and getting rich.
So I rephrased my question: by having no other option than having a full time job (I’ll discuss this in a later post), am I being efficient in making money?
I started reading many rich man advice ideas and I got a clear answer to my question: no.
I need to read, learn, debate and ask others on this matter – so please comment and debate my ideas, because we’ll get better in the end.
Our daily routine tasks are wrong, the prioritization is wrong. To learn new things, listen to new ideas and get different glasses to see the world through different shades is important. Then I will have a chance to see and think different. Because the rat-race lifestyle is not leading anywhere.
So I started reading, I started writing this blog. I watch interviews with rich people. Shark tank, Dragon’s Den (Canada, UK) I keep watching and other CNBC shows too.
I feel that I am improving and I value this feeling very important. I want to develop my skills further and gain information on anything that can prove useful in my goals.
So what truly matters is that I know my destination and each step towards that will help me get there. Please join me in my journey and if you can help with your ideas.

One thought on “Time and efficiency – I mean a different sort of efficiency than what you think

  1. Reading is the best way for me to learn new things, but I often find the networks like CNBC are not always accurate. There was a study done a while ago regarding the investment networks like Fox News, Bloomberg, and CNBC and it found that networks give the wrong advice 80% of the time. Money Magazine, Forbes, and Kiplinger are all great resources. Great post!

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