Which opinion to listen to? All. Where to find quality advice? Anywhere – everywhere.

As I am trying to evolve my financial life, selecting the right vehicles and making the right calls at the right time, I find myself continuously in the middle of a battlefield of different opinions.
These opinions often collide.: Warren Buffet-like investing thinking of selecting stocks for the long run, not to bet on timing, but on value.
Then the criticism comes of not focusing enough and therefore missing out on the ups of the market. I think I’ve heard just as many people tell me to differentiate as those who said to focus my investments if I want true success and return.
The list of debates goes on and never ending: savers are losers, but when the nightmare turns true, then they are the survivors…
I have a great skill, which I cherish and love about myself: I can listen. This doesn’t mean that I will do everything according to the advice or opinion I just received, but will try to make an effort and understand that point of view.
This is why I know and would like to share my opinion to listen to all. I know how much stupidity and non-sense around us is, but we need to filter. This is a skill. And just as you train you muscles or anything else to get better, you can also get better in filtering.
When you want to get a Harley, you’ll start to see them more often in traffic and around you. Why? Because you want one. Once you have seen one, you think of it longer than the other car or bike that went before or after that Harley you’ve just seen. If you focus and want to get quality information, anything that you can use for your goals, then you’ll find it.
Once I’ve seen a stupid, low quality Chinese fighting movie (with friends and got drunk). In the middle of the movie they said something on how water can destroy the strongest rock there is, it only takes time. I was drunk and having fun with my friends, but then I realized how that fits into my picture of hard working paying off. How the water could become more efficient in destroying a rock? Perhaps if the water drops would be improved to a water cutting machine? So if I focus on trying to become successful on the stock market, then I should take my time, but effectively study stock market related material.
My mind is simply set to this mode. Trying to find / make useful information to achieve my goals.
So I try to focus on sources that have the highest chance to help me achieve my goals, but as my goal is set, I never turn off my filter and always try to keep the shiny gold idea, filtered from the junk.

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