You shouldn’t try it alone. Team up with your own money to succeed!

Money working
When meeting a financial advisor on personal finance, one of the first things you’ll do is to check your life goals, expectations, future events and estimate roughly what that would mean to your finances.
I love those talks!
First thing that hits everyone is that you don’t have a spare dime!
If you work your guts off, you might make it. Live below your means, be always rational, be like Salamon the wise and then you might have a chance.
The second or soon following remark will be that there’s no way the plan will go the way you see it now. Life is full of surprises and unexpected events.
Think of having triplets, having a rough divorce, a sad and unexpected death of a loved one, not to mention such ‘boring’ life events as changing jobs or moving elsewhere.
So you have a rough plan and also know it won’t work exactly the way you wish, but you got an overall feel that you must definitely live below your means to have a decent financial life and retirement.
My advice for the long run and for success, is don’t even think for a second that you can make this on your own!
Sure, you have your family or your spouse with you, but honestly I would rather put them in the liabilities part instead of the assets, when it comes to financials.
A ‘must go’ trip during the summer, an up-grade in level when buying a car, a nice Christmas shopping spree. I’m not blaming them, but with financials, democracy doesn’t work (check out the national debt level of developed democratic countries…).
So who will save you, who can you count on? As in the title of this article mentioned, you can rely on your money!
Yes, these days, when we meet with such phrases in our lives as: outsourcing, pension disaster, recessions, then what can you expect? Get used to it: you won’t always have a job!
Perhaps you might say, that you already knew this. Okay, then that’s good, let’s make it better. Did you count with the consequence of not having the setback on your everyday life due to not having a job? It hurts more than you expect it. If you went through such, then you know.
So what is the solution?! Investing.
It’s no guaranteed solution, actually it is frightening. You might – correction – you will loose. But on the long run you should gain a lot more than what you loose and that’s how your money will turn to a strong team player and in the endgame save you from financial disaster.
Imagine it like planting seeds, some will die, some will be average and a few will be extraordinarily great. A surplus is what all investors are seeking.
(A small note, do NOT mistake investing with speculating.)
Personally I decided to invest on the NYSE. I had gains and losses – no wonder, we are in a nice bull market. It got me thinking. If this is how I perform during a bull market, then what if the market will turn ugly? How can I make money on the long run then?
Again, no guaranteed answer here either, I only have some thoughts.
Investing in real-estate. My plan is to invest in a garage in the next 1-2 years, which is a really small investment (~$10K), promising an estimated ~8-10%/year. This will be able to generate me money in a bear market too.
I could also quit the market and put my money in parking mode and await a nice bear market to buy cheap. The only barrier to this is myself – read The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. If you have discipline, then this strategy, I believe, is guaranteed, but gotta sit tight when nothing happens and that might take long.
Another thing I highly advise to invest anytime regardless of how much money or what kind of a market out there, is yourself. Educate yourself. I don’t mean learning new languages or getting a higher degree, that would only make you more of a specialist making it harder for you to find a job in the end – read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – I mean to learn how to invest. This is a skill that if you are good at, will be your most precious, in the financial world.
‘WE’ is better than ‘I’

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