What is a fresh start? Why it’s not failing, but succeeding to start over and over again

Today I opened a new excel sheet. I guess many others did the same. However I wanted this to be special. I wanted to start all over again, to summarize my goals for a year. I did not want to wait till new-year’s eve. I wanted to start now. Don’t forget: „there is no tomorrow!” if you want to start, don’t wait for a special date, start this second!


It feels great. I know I did such earlier and I know I will do the same later on before a year would actually pass by. But I also know that by doing so, I will get closer to my goals and focus on them better.

My goals:

(regarding finance, I wrote many others (like jogging), but will focus on financials here)

Write a budgeting plan for the entire year and also for each separate month.

– estimating correctly 10 out of 12 months the budgeting.

– 9 out of 12 months keep the budgeting plan.

Read 10 books on self development or finance (stock market, personal finance), also to adopt as much new techniques or ideas read in these books. How these techniques would be implemented, I would follow-up in writing and note.

So only 2-3 points apply to finances the rest are personal goals, however the reason why I wrote this post is to underline how important it is to focus on the goals, measure how you are progressing and to see what you are actually doing to reach them.

I also made a list of what tools I am using to reach my goals.

I had these written: discipline, living below your means, learning new things, applying what has been newly learned, decision making, focusing.

I wrote these down to see what I believe are my skills and attributes and a year later I want to judge if I would agree on these and if my acts and proofs would support this.

Failures: I did mention these too. I know I won’t reach all my goals, but the point of setting goals and trying to reach them is to get closer to them. It doesn’t matter if you are on a train or just walking to your destination. You will get there. The better you work, to quicker you get there, that is what matters. I will get there quick, but will make mistakes.

Corrections: for sure I will have to make corrections in the budgeting and the rules I applied. But I also made a promise to myself that I would write down everything I correct and keep track of them. If I make only a couple of corrections it is okay – by my opinion – however if there will be dozens of corrections, then I am planning wrong and have to reevaluate.

I listed what I am proud of today. The amount of savings I have, the languages I speak, some skills I have. I asked myself, if within a year I would acquire any new skill that I would be proud of. Honestly I don’t have a plan what the new skill could be, but will work on it. (Perhaps cooking? 🙂 )

Fun facts: if everything goes as planned, I’ll be able to save roughly $ 6.300. However $ 2.150 will depend on the family business of airbnb. I did not include anything linked to my stocks, that’s a seperate leg I want  to stand on, and either have to wait (as these days we are entering a bear market) or can be a positive surprise.

As you read the above, I think we can agree that planning, budgeting and self-improvement are all very important. Please join me in writing a list of goals, budgets and or anthing else that motivates you, so that we can reach our goals!


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