Just read The Intelligent Investor written by Benjamin Graham


Wow! After spending the first 15 minutes with the book, it just felt great! It felt like someone is finally talking to me about the things that really interest me. Like having meat someone in a foreign country that finally speaks your language.

Not that I am such a great mind like Benjamin Graham, you can also look on this as if a child is listening to grandpa’s most exciting stories.
I love statistics, figures, numbers and investing. I think I’ve just swallowed the red pill from Matrix and I arrived to the land of value investing and cannot ever return to the stupidity that surrounds us everywhere.
I own stocks. Roughly 90% of my money is in a single growth stock, the remaining is in a stock of a company that I believe would fit Mr. Graham’s criteria. Still, the market’s are falling as of today (24.08.2015), but at the age of 31, I am happy. I am happy, because I want to experience the selloff, I want to see that I can buy stocks at bargain prices. I am learning and becoming a better investor. No one can stop me! (Perhaps except my future mother in-law 😀 – just kidding)
After heaving read the entire book, I know that my portfolio will need quite a change. I’m on track reaching my goals and I just shifted to a higher gear.
Life is great because of this single book that is not promising anything, but giving meaning to the financial ups and downs of Mr. Market.