My summer holiday in Tuscany – of course having my finance glasses on :)

I will share the actual expenses, but rather would like to share my thoughts of the trip and how I believe it improved my financial awareness.
Living in Europe has certainly one big benefit: the culturally diverse and beautiful countries of Europe are close! So with my girlfriend and with another couple, we decided to take a trip to Tuscany – Italy.
Hard facts:
my car’s consumption 5-6 l/100 km (36-49 mpg if I’m correct)
distance taken: ~ 2700 km – 1677 miles (from Budapest to Tuscany back and forth and further including driving around with the car)
Budget for 2, but having all expenses to be divided with 4 people (accommodation, travel…): $ 950 approximately.
Of course we stayed at an Airbnb apartment and took quite much food and drinks with us, as everything is more expensive in Tuscany – Italy (compared to my home country, Hungary).
So, this year instead of being Mr. Wallet and frustrate all the time whether with our budget, can we make it till the end of the vacation, I decided to split the budget to the travel and pocket money parts. The travel stayed with me, while the pocket money was given to my girlfriend.
I did so, so she has the responsibility and the overview on what we can and cannot afford.
This, I will definitely implement to future trips as it was very relaxing for me. Plus I told her, if we spend anything over the budget, then it’s up to her credit card to compensate – as I was financing the entire trip.
In the end we did go over the budget with $55 and she did feel it.
I think on the long run it will be good to involve her wallet into the travels as well as she is picking up with her salary to mine.
So, I had a great time, honestly the best thing on the trip was to read my new book: The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. I read about it many times and indeed it’s just fantastic!
While sometimes stopping reading and staring at the waves (in Hungary we don’t have a sea anymore 😦 ) I thought of the market, how a share goes up and down and how trends are changing to new waves all the time.
I also thought how lucky I am to have picked a low consumption car over a cool looking but thirstier model. What a great idea it was to stick to the budget, as it made the planning better and the cost/value of the travel was superb.
I hope that everyone will enjoy a nice vacation this summer and won’t feel as having stepped one step backwards in reaching our financial goals. What value does money have, if we never enjoy it? 🙂