The temptation of a better(?) job

running with money
Weeks ago I was approached by a headhunter for a job at Citi bank.
The job would be a classical outsourced job from London to Budapest, in which I would do mid-office tasks related to brokers activities: booking, checking, reporting and making suggestions based on forecasts.
I had an interview with the headhunter, then I had an online personal and numerical test.
(By the way my favorite exercise: you have 9 balls, one of them is lighter than the rest. You have a classic 2 sided scale, which you can use only twice. How can you surely identify which one is the lighter ball? Took me about 10 minutes to solve… My solution / general solution will be in the bottom of the article.)
Then I had a video conference interview with a woman and a guy from London. They asked me some sweet questions on SWAPS, futures, options, derivatives… Honestly, I love finance. I know that I don’t know as much as I want to, and I told them that I do know what these are, but I am not as much familiar with them as I’d like to be.
They kept on asking, at one point, I really thought the final moment came and it’s pointless to continue.
The interview was later over and I walked home happily that I achieved to be an interesting candidate for a relatively good position at bank like Citi, for a position that can clearly be linked to finance. (My current job is also linked to finance – collection analyst – but it’s not so strongly financial.
Anyways, 4 days later my phone rang and accepted another round interview.
I would roughly get a net $ 1.400/month or $ 16.800/year for this position.
(Keep in mind we earn less in Hungary for the same job as in the western world, but we have an active state pension system (won’t get a dime from there by the time I’ll turn 70), a state provided medical system, free higher educational system and so on…
So honestly this job would mean roughly +25% more income, +55% disposable income that I can save. Tempting isn’t it?
The real bad news for me was that instead of working from 8:00-17:00 (current job), I would work from 9:00-18:00, but with usual overtime it would be rather till 19:00.
Both my current and offered job’s offices are nearby (10min by walk vs. 15min by metro – I know how the distances are great but took a lot of effort organizing my life this way).
So why do I praise this extra 2 hours free time so much? Well to me that was the decision point. I tell you why.
Right now, I do have extra time, even during my work: to arrange personal things, like phone calls or anything else that can be done in an office but is not work related. Now it is okay to disappear for 30-45 minutes then shift that time to later work time. From what I learned of the new job offer, I realized that there I would have less free time due to overtime and also during working hours.
Furthermore, I wouldn’t get paid for the overtime so actually it’s not that better of a deal at all.
Additionally, I want to get passive income or income outside my paycheck.
As from a previous post you might remember, with my family we started an apartment business via Airbnb. That will be additional income and for that I need my time.
A plus for the new job would have been that it is more linked to finance and I could improve my financial knowledge further, but the cost in time is too much for me.
I hope I am making a right decision, but in the bottom of my heart I simply know I am.
Funny, whenever I tell anyone that I am not taking the job with higher salary, they stare at me and don’t understand…
The solution for the numerical exercise: you measure 3 vs 3 balls, this way you know which 3 balls has the 1 lighter ball. If the 3 vs. 3 is equally weight then it’s in the batch of 3 you left out, if the 3 vs. 3 is not equal, then whichever group was lighter. Then you do almost the same with the 3 balls, weighing 1 vs. 1 and this way you’ll surely know which one is the light ball.

Just read The Intelligent Investor written by Benjamin Graham


Wow! After spending the first 15 minutes with the book, it just felt great! It felt like someone is finally talking to me about the things that really interest me. Like having meat someone in a foreign country that finally speaks your language.

Not that I am such a great mind like Benjamin Graham, you can also look on this as if a child is listening to grandpa’s most exciting stories.
I love statistics, figures, numbers and investing. I think I’ve just swallowed the red pill from Matrix and I arrived to the land of value investing and cannot ever return to the stupidity that surrounds us everywhere.
I own stocks. Roughly 90% of my money is in a single growth stock, the remaining is in a stock of a company that I believe would fit Mr. Graham’s criteria. Still, the market’s are falling as of today (24.08.2015), but at the age of 31, I am happy. I am happy, because I want to experience the selloff, I want to see that I can buy stocks at bargain prices. I am learning and becoming a better investor. No one can stop me! (Perhaps except my future mother in-law 😀 – just kidding)
After heaving read the entire book, I know that my portfolio will need quite a change. I’m on track reaching my goals and I just shifted to a higher gear.
Life is great because of this single book that is not promising anything, but giving meaning to the financial ups and downs of Mr. Market.

The power of family

I previously wrote an article on how we don’t have to be alone and how we can rely on our money to help us along the way of our financial life.
Now I’d like to highlight the power of family – later on I will write on the dangers as well.
My family consists of 3, my Mom and my brother (my Dad passed away when I was 3).
We love each other, also there’s a very high level of trust.
This is something very valuable which is undervalued in many families.
When you ruin family relationships, you are ruining your business opportunities too.
We can be in 3 different places, representing the same interest – that’s powerful!
We can lend one another with 0% interest rates with no risk!
We can share our financial experience and knowledge, combine the knowledge of various subjects and prosper further.
The reason why this topic came to my mind is because we recently bought an apartment to give for renting for tourists coming to Budapest.
My brother and I didn’t have money to buy such. My mom did.
My mother is getting old and it is very hard for her to move around downtown. I have moved downtown a year ago and speak English (hope you can support me on this fact 🙂 ).
I am not much of a technical guy, wouldn’t know how to fix stuff around a house. My brother is superb in solving such issues.
Here you go. I think this is a perfect example, when 3 people can increase the size of the cake and by doing so get a much larger portion of cake, then if they would do things on their own.
The power of family. (If you are interested, we decided to split the profit 50% my Mom -25%-25%).
We are however different. My mom is ultra conservative on finances. My brother burned himself once by starting a company and took him 5 years to end that nightmare – starting a business is very hard here. Now he spends much money on his car, which he loves. I’m into NYSE now and wish to educate myself.
An additional asset my family has is real-estate. I won’t go into details but the point is that we have excess that we don’t use now. Once the apartment is making money and we have proven that we can handle it, then we would consider to invest further into this business, by selling and buying new properties that fit the purpose.
We are able to do so because of the excess real-estate we have. Why and how do we have such?
Because of family.
My family has an unwritten advice/rule. Always add to what you inherit, never loose from that. It’s not yours, but your children’s, even if they are unborn. You can be free to invest with what you make, but stay very cautious and conservative when handling assets and wealth what you inherited.
So I truly feel blessed coming from such a family and I hope and wish that I will be able to pass on the wealth and knowledge.

You shouldn’t try it alone. Team up with your own money to succeed!

Money working
When meeting a financial advisor on personal finance, one of the first things you’ll do is to check your life goals, expectations, future events and estimate roughly what that would mean to your finances.
I love those talks!
First thing that hits everyone is that you don’t have a spare dime!
If you work your guts off, you might make it. Live below your means, be always rational, be like Salamon the wise and then you might have a chance.
The second or soon following remark will be that there’s no way the plan will go the way you see it now. Life is full of surprises and unexpected events.
Think of having triplets, having a rough divorce, a sad and unexpected death of a loved one, not to mention such ‘boring’ life events as changing jobs or moving elsewhere.
So you have a rough plan and also know it won’t work exactly the way you wish, but you got an overall feel that you must definitely live below your means to have a decent financial life and retirement.
My advice for the long run and for success, is don’t even think for a second that you can make this on your own!
Sure, you have your family or your spouse with you, but honestly I would rather put them in the liabilities part instead of the assets, when it comes to financials.
A ‘must go’ trip during the summer, an up-grade in level when buying a car, a nice Christmas shopping spree. I’m not blaming them, but with financials, democracy doesn’t work (check out the national debt level of developed democratic countries…).
So who will save you, who can you count on? As in the title of this article mentioned, you can rely on your money!
Yes, these days, when we meet with such phrases in our lives as: outsourcing, pension disaster, recessions, then what can you expect? Get used to it: you won’t always have a job!
Perhaps you might say, that you already knew this. Okay, then that’s good, let’s make it better. Did you count with the consequence of not having the setback on your everyday life due to not having a job? It hurts more than you expect it. If you went through such, then you know.
So what is the solution?! Investing.
It’s no guaranteed solution, actually it is frightening. You might – correction – you will loose. But on the long run you should gain a lot more than what you loose and that’s how your money will turn to a strong team player and in the endgame save you from financial disaster.
Imagine it like planting seeds, some will die, some will be average and a few will be extraordinarily great. A surplus is what all investors are seeking.
(A small note, do NOT mistake investing with speculating.)
Personally I decided to invest on the NYSE. I had gains and losses – no wonder, we are in a nice bull market. It got me thinking. If this is how I perform during a bull market, then what if the market will turn ugly? How can I make money on the long run then?
Again, no guaranteed answer here either, I only have some thoughts.
Investing in real-estate. My plan is to invest in a garage in the next 1-2 years, which is a really small investment (~$10K), promising an estimated ~8-10%/year. This will be able to generate me money in a bear market too.
I could also quit the market and put my money in parking mode and await a nice bear market to buy cheap. The only barrier to this is myself – read The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. If you have discipline, then this strategy, I believe, is guaranteed, but gotta sit tight when nothing happens and that might take long.
Another thing I highly advise to invest anytime regardless of how much money or what kind of a market out there, is yourself. Educate yourself. I don’t mean learning new languages or getting a higher degree, that would only make you more of a specialist making it harder for you to find a job in the end – read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – I mean to learn how to invest. This is a skill that if you are good at, will be your most precious, in the financial world.
‘WE’ is better than ‘I’

As an investor what to do in your spare time?

What does an investor usually do? What to do, while our money is working?


Firefighters are fighting fire, doctors are curing patients, but what does an investor do?
Investing in many type of financial vehicles, then anticipating a positive return, hopefully also aiming to beat inflation and market averages.
Right, but that is something actually the market does, the values, returns and other metrics change, so most of the time an investor is actually waiting to see if the setup is working, then furthermore studying, checking markets and always making small corrections. Just like driving a ship or any other vehicle.
So as a small investor, what should we do, when our investments are in good position and we just need time to pass by? Shall we just check our investments and the market in 6 months, 1-2-5 years from now? Shall we check it several times per day?
I don’t know the answer, I don’t think anyone does. I think the answer actually varies from person to person. Depends on how easily our hands are shaken by markets. Can we stick to our initial plan (because an investor should have a plan), can we fight our emotions when the markets are taking a nosedive jump or when everything is sparkling and our greed is knocking on our doors?
I tried not to look at my stocks for a day. I think I lasted for 5 hours in between the market open and close. It felt good. I was able to concentrate and focus on other things.
But when I started I didn’t know what to do. I was asking myself, how I could become a better investor, while my investments are still shaping to succeed or fail.
I had the below ideas:
– focus on building personality, on sharpening the force of will
– read articles and books generally on investing and learn, also memorize and later use new tactics, tools and strategies in real life. I just bought Essentialism by Greg McKeown. I pretty much enjoyed Robert T. Kiyosaki’s books so far (Rich Dad, Poor Dad).
– starting an investing game, like virtual stock market game
I think all the above is very useful. I think what very useful can be is the virtual stock market game. Having several portfolios and trying out different strategies, having our risk taker personality match our rule follower one.
So I can recommend to use time, as time is also an asset we all have, but usually never value enough.

Which opinion to listen to? All. Where to find quality advice? Anywhere – everywhere.

As I am trying to evolve my financial life, selecting the right vehicles and making the right calls at the right time, I find myself continuously in the middle of a battlefield of different opinions.
These opinions often collide.: Warren Buffet-like investing thinking of selecting stocks for the long run, not to bet on timing, but on value.
Then the criticism comes of not focusing enough and therefore missing out on the ups of the market. I think I’ve heard just as many people tell me to differentiate as those who said to focus my investments if I want true success and return.
The list of debates goes on and never ending: savers are losers, but when the nightmare turns true, then they are the survivors…
I have a great skill, which I cherish and love about myself: I can listen. This doesn’t mean that I will do everything according to the advice or opinion I just received, but will try to make an effort and understand that point of view.
This is why I know and would like to share my opinion to listen to all. I know how much stupidity and non-sense around us is, but we need to filter. This is a skill. And just as you train you muscles or anything else to get better, you can also get better in filtering.
When you want to get a Harley, you’ll start to see them more often in traffic and around you. Why? Because you want one. Once you have seen one, you think of it longer than the other car or bike that went before or after that Harley you’ve just seen. If you focus and want to get quality information, anything that you can use for your goals, then you’ll find it.
Once I’ve seen a stupid, low quality Chinese fighting movie (with friends and got drunk). In the middle of the movie they said something on how water can destroy the strongest rock there is, it only takes time. I was drunk and having fun with my friends, but then I realized how that fits into my picture of hard working paying off. How the water could become more efficient in destroying a rock? Perhaps if the water drops would be improved to a water cutting machine? So if I focus on trying to become successful on the stock market, then I should take my time, but effectively study stock market related material.
My mind is simply set to this mode. Trying to find / make useful information to achieve my goals.
So I try to focus on sources that have the highest chance to help me achieve my goals, but as my goal is set, I never turn off my filter and always try to keep the shiny gold idea, filtered from the junk.

Time and efficiency – I mean a different sort of efficiency than what you think


I don’t think there’s not a single soul out there who hasn’t heard of the importance, on how we should squeeze everything we can from our time. Be efficient!

Set your mouse scroll faster – it will take time for you to adjust, but will win time on the long run.
Prioritize your tasks
Learn how to typewrite
Check out recipes that only take less than 20 minutes
and the list goes on and on…
Most of us wake up in the morning, think about what we must do. It’s usually going to work. It’s the same case for me, I have a full time job and work from 8:30 AM till 5:00 PM. Then I try to make myself go jogging for an hour. I’ll get home tired. My girlfriend will arrive and we’ll chat, watch a movie, play on a game console, perhaps read a book and have dinner (of course there’s more than that).
The point I’m trying to make is that we all have a daily routine. As a matter of fact, at the age of 30, I think my daily routine hasn’t changed much since I started working, roughly 6-7 years ago.
So I want you to zoom out from thinking how to be efficient, from the mouse scroll speed level to your life level.
I asked myself, am I efficient with my life?
I know how this question could fill books with content and I don’t want to discuss family, children and things like that. My blogging aims on personal finance and getting rich.
So I rephrased my question: by having no other option than having a full time job (I’ll discuss this in a later post), am I being efficient in making money?
I started reading many rich man advice ideas and I got a clear answer to my question: no.
I need to read, learn, debate and ask others on this matter – so please comment and debate my ideas, because we’ll get better in the end.
Our daily routine tasks are wrong, the prioritization is wrong. To learn new things, listen to new ideas and get different glasses to see the world through different shades is important. Then I will have a chance to see and think different. Because the rat-race lifestyle is not leading anywhere.
So I started reading, I started writing this blog. I watch interviews with rich people. Shark tank, Dragon’s Den (Canada, UK) I keep watching and other CNBC shows too.
I feel that I am improving and I value this feeling very important. I want to develop my skills further and gain information on anything that can prove useful in my goals.
So what truly matters is that I know my destination and each step towards that will help me get there. Please join me in my journey and if you can help with your ideas.